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Group Dynamics

Dear customer: hello.
Thank you very much for a long time on the "Henan Electric Appliance Group Co., Ltd." to support the strong support and help, My company is due to the expansion of development needs, according to the company's 2014 annual general meeting of shareholders to consider the motion on changing the company's name, Company name in 2014 7 menstrual State Administration for Industry and Commerce approved by the "Henan Electric Power Group Co., Ltd." is changed to "Electric Power Group Co., Ltd."",Account bank account unchanged, and from August 1, 2014 onwards, the official opening of the new company name, Involved in the original "Henan Electric Appliance Group Co., Ltd." of all business (including debt, debt) by the letter Electric Appliance Group Co., ltd.. My company "business license", "organization code certificate", "tax registration certificate", certificate of qualification will be changed by the relevant rules and regulations;  We will, as always, provide you with quality products and good service. At the same time, the company name change to the new and old customers inconvenience, please understand.
Notice is hereby notified.
Attached: 1, the contents of the specific changes are as follows:
Company name: Electric Appliance Group Co., Ltd.
To: 413001176921567
Address: No. 10, No. five, industrial city, Xinyang City, Henan Province
Telephone: 0376-8911996
Bank: ICBC Xinyang Branch Shanghai
Account number: 171802113904508787
Bank: Bank of China Jianshe Road Xinyang branch
Account: 41001551414050200632
Electric Appliance Group Co., Ltd.
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