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Group Dynamics

To conscientiously implement the national laws and regulations on safe production, to carry out the implementation of the national network company "security responsibilities and norms"  The implementation of the party with responsibility, a pair of responsibility, dereliction of duty, strengthening safety performance   June 2016 letter Electric Appliance Group Co., Ltd. held a total of 2016 annual meeting of the leading group of safe production  To do safety production responsibility from top to bottom, layers of implementation, full coverage, continued to tighten the string of safety production.
In 2016 full safety production meeting, the general manager of the letter electrical appliance group Wang Cunyu further stressed  Safe production is related to every employee's life safety and health and family happiness, but also the long-term enterprise harmonious and stable development of the. Strengthen production safety management, to prevent all kinds of accidents, the "safety first" in the work of the first place, Effectively safe production, civilized production, firmly establish the concept of safety is the benefit. Therefore, letter Electric Appliance Group Co., Ltd. in safety production, enterprise to unify their thinking in unison, condominium jointly shoulder the responsibility for production safety.
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