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2016 06 years 16 years, the letter Electric Appliance Group Co., Ltd. Henan Province, the special invitation to the fire Jia Xuejian teachers to our company to carry out fire safety knowledge to explain. In this explanation, Jia teachers focus on the recent case analysis, multi-layer, high-rise building fire prevention, with the use of electricity, vehicle fire, fire equipment, the configuration and use of common methods. Through the preaching of the courseware, let letter group employee benefit bandit is shallow, fire hazards have deeper understanding, enhance the legal concept of the fire, improve the fire fighting skills, have the basic escape self knowledge, so that it can more effectively prevent and reduce fire hazards.
Letter Electric Appliance Group Co., Ltd. in focus on safety in production at the same time, not lax on fire safety. Enterprise has been through the implementation of "giving priority to prevention, anti fire combination" approach to the character, let letter electric employees will fire safety always remember in mind, at the same time letter Electric Group has also set up a post of three-level responsibility system, the more effective the fire goal refinement, decomposition, to implement, ensure the anti fire target coverage and the responsibilities of the job held accountable to the people.
Letter Electric Appliance Group Co., Ltd. will from time to time of the various departments of the workshop of the supervision and inspection of fire safety, for power lines, fire hydrant, fire and other key parts to arrange for periodic inspection found problems resolved in a timely, to safety, building fire safety of long-term mechanism, ensure that the preventive measures.
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