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To promote the steady and rapid development of the electric industry, China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association Standardization Committee held members of Congress and for Electrotechnical Standardization Work Conference, combined with the current situation and the field study to determine the service industry restructuring and revitalization of the direction, goal, the deployment of this year the focus of the work.
Centering on the central task of promoting the technical progress of the industry and enhancing the capability of independent innovation, the standardization of electrical work has achieved remarkable results." Recently, China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association Standardization Committee (hereinafter referred to as co Standard Committee) held a session of the five members of the general assembly, executive vice president of the China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association, CO Standard Committee Chairman Xing Yujiu further emphasizes the role of standardization, also said, "to electric industry restructuring and revitalization of the good technical support and service, standardization work than at any time in the past is more important."
Facing the new situation and new tasks to "scientific development, exploration and innovation, and promote the standardization of electrical equipment industry service industry development and the revitalization of the" as the theme of the electrical appliance industry conference on the standardization of preparation industry attention. China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association, honorary president of Liu Yansun, vice president and Secretary General of the long yangqiming, and the National Standardization Management Committee, National Energy Bureau, industry and information technology department relevant leaders attended the meeting and made a speech.
Focus on prospective studies
As an important technical basis of the national economic and social development, standardization work has been highly valued by the Party Central Committee and the State Council in recent years, which has been raised to the level of national strategy. "In the Olympic Games security, disaster relief and emergency treatment of milk powder, the standardization of the work has been unprecedented attention." Vice president of the association, the association standard appoint vice director and Secretary General Fang Xiaoyan said, "in recent years electric appliance industry association of industry leading enterprises and scientific research institutes jointly carried out + 800 kV DC high voltage transmission equipment standards formulation is synchronous with the national special high-voltage DC equipment development, HVDC transmission project construction, leading the industry technology development."
Reporter noted that the China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association from the industry level has been pushing for advanced technical standards lead the development of the industry, standardization work plays a pivotal role "has already formed the common understanding in the industry. According to yangqiming, along with reform and opening up, the electrical standard of in mechanism innovation, combined with major national construction projects, by international standards, substantial participation in international standardization activities achieved outstanding achievements are obvious to all.
Fang Xiaoyan in the work report reviewed the development of standardization in recent years by leaps and bounds. As of the end of 2008, a total of 2869 electrical industry standards, including by the association of electric centralized management of 1270 national standards. At present, the current national standard sampling rate reached 66%, the international standard conversion rate reached 69%.
Especially in the 30 years of reform and opening up, looking forward to the standardization of research as a strong technical support to lead the electrical industry to obtain rapid development, the two major changes are remarkable: first, the production capacity of a sharp jump. Industrial output value of thirty years increased by more than 50 times; power generation equipment output increased by 27.58 times in thirty years. Two is to achieve a qualitative leap in the level of technology. Power generation equipment realized from small units to 30 million kilowatts, 60 million kilowatts of transition, 70 million kilowatts of hydroelectric generating units and 100 million kilowatts thermal power unit has formed a production capacity; thermal power equipment, realize from subcritical to supercritical, ultra super critical parameters of the upgrade; hydropower equipment development of out with world level and independent intellectual property rights of the Three Gorges power station turbine and air cooling technology of 70 million kilowatts of hydro generator. Especially is the world's first 1000 kV AC UHV transmission line is put into operation, marking China's successfully mastered the advanced technology of world power transmission.
Highlight the role of leading technology progress
Affected by the international financial turmoil, the electrical industry has been greatly affected. "Standardization work also ushered in an unprecedented challenge." Fang Xiaoyan told reporters, last year is the most important task of standardization, facing the most complex year of the situation." According to her introduction, in the face of great pressure, standardization research focuses on the advance of standard of major equipment development, promote the standard of energy saving and emission reduction of electrical products supporting role, accelerate the electrical industry, the pace of revision of standards, promote international standards in the field of power generation equipment breakthrough and speed up the standard of technical institutions construction five aspects of work, achieved good results. At the same time, the whole industry in the international market has shrunk dramatically, demand significantly reduced the situation, still achieved an increase of 25%.
It is not difficult to see that in the current situation of the standardization of research in the substantial progress of the industry and the rapid development of the industry to highlight the leading role.
First, Electrotechnical Standardization Research in developing clean and efficient power generation, UHV power transmission and new energy and renewable energy standard of development work to achieve good results. Organization of Harbin Turbine Company, Dongfeng Automobile Company, SAIC company leading enterprises and turbine standardization technotogy committee to speed up the development of supercritical and ultra supercritical thermal power generating units, large air cooling unit, nuclear power conventional island turbine is an important standard to. At the same time, the organization has carried out a + 800 kV DC transmission equipment, UHV AC and DC control and protection equipment (1000kV, 800kV), high voltage test technology (UHV equipment) and other important standards.
Secondly, to speed up the standard of electrical products, energy saving and emission reduction of the supporting role. Reporter learned that, in 2008 is for the country to strengthen energy-saving emission reduction responsibility system in the first year, to implement the responsibility system, electrical equipment industry has initially formed government leading, leading enterprises as the main body, scientific research institutions and standardization technotogy committee closely to standards to promote energy-saving emission reduction work mechanism. According to reports, the association proposed and reported last year, 2008~2010 resource conservation and comprehensive utilization of standardized development plan (electrical part) and to promote the implementation of the organization to accelerate the implementation of. Included in the "planning" electrical industry standard project nearly 40, in addition to cover has been carried out with the ultra (ultra) critical large air-cooled motor group, but also covers the large circulating fluidized bed, gas steam combined cycle heat recovery boilers, large evaporative cooling generator project, this is China's installed manufacturing industry restructuring and revitalization plan proposed the development needs of major equipment.
Third, to speed up the pace of the standard system. Full year to complete the national standard revision of the project 851, the planned completion rate of more than 90%. At present, the electrical standard system is further improved, and the standard level is further improved.
Fourth, to promote international standardization of electrical work, to enhance the international discourse. Through various efforts, Harbin Turbine Company deputy general manager Zhang Qiuhong elected as chairman of the IEC / TC5, to win in China the third chairman of the IEC seats. At this point, China's only three IEC chairman are borne by the electrical industry.
At the same time, focusing on promoting the large turbine generator, variable frequency energy-saving electrical equipment, industrial and mining traction electrical equipment such as 33 Standard Technical Committee and the working group set up, establish the complete system, corresponding to the international, to adapt to the needs of national economic construction and development of Electrotechnical Standardization Organization System.
More initiatives to revitalize the industry adjustment
"The key for development of electrical equipment industry is to seize the opportunity, do solid work effectively in terms of economic restructuring." As the old leader of the electrical industry, the old expert, Liu Yansun has always been highly concerned about the standardization of electrical research work. He analyzed the current situation comprehensively and objectively, and put forward the direction and requirement of the standardization research in the future from the perspective of the implementation of equipment manufacturing industry adjustment and revitalization planning requirements.
Forward looking from the market demand, the current situation of its proposed higher requirements. Fang Xiaoyan believes that China is in a critical period to expand domestic demand, accelerate infrastructure construction and industrial transformation and upgrading, has a huge demand for advanced equipment, providing a rare opportunity for standardization research. "This year will be to enhance the standard level, the service industry revitalization, enhance independent innovation capability, and promote the industry's technological progress." According to the guiding ideology of this year for Electrotechnical Standardization Work: give full play to the electrical industry advantage, service in equipment manufacturing industry adjustment and revitalization planning, actively promote the development of electrical equipment independent innovation, efforts to promote clean and efficient power generation, UHV AC and DC technology, energy-saving emission reduction technology, study of new energy and renewable energy equipment, industry common technical standards and to develop, promote Electrotechnical Standardization of steady and fast development.
Electrician standardization will focus on promoting the adjustment and revitalization of the industry, focusing on eight aspects of research.
One is to improve and perfect the standard system, start the "12th Five-Year" planning preliminary study. Form a perfect system, focus, distinct, mutual convergence, to meet the needs of the national economic construction and social development of the electrical industry standard system. To make it compatible with the national energy construction, and the construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, and the national economic construction, especially the current demand for the expansion of domestic demand.
Two is to cooperate with the national revitalization plan, accelerate the standardization of major equipment. Such as million kilowatt class Supercritical / supercritical thermal power equipment, large-scale circulating fluidized bed boiler, large gas turbine and so on, as well as wind power electrical equipment, garbage incineration power generation equipment, etc..
Three is to cooperate with the national major construction projects, to carry out special high-voltage AC and DC transmission equipment standardization work. Continue to do a good job of 800 kV HVDC transmission equipment standards review and reporting work, while doing a good job in the national science and technology support program major projects of the acceptance of the project.
Four is the combination of national energy policy adjustment, increase the new energy and renewable energy standardization work. Industry organizations actively participate in nuclear related standards of research and development, and related standardization technotogy Committee and coordinating enterprise good public sector specific research "for the conventional island of nuclear power steam turbine of standards" implementation, organize and carry out preliminary study of nuclear power steam turbine generator and motor of nuclear power, nuclear power cables and other key standards. Explore and promote the standardization of wind power electrical equipment, so that standards, testing, certification and product development support, to provide technical support for the development of the industry.
Five is to accelerate the standardization of electrical equipment energy saving and emission reduction. Focus on transformer energy saving, high efficiency and energy saving motor, clean coal-fired industrial boilers and other national standards for the revision of the work.
Six is to strengthen the management and supervision of the work of the revision of the standard system, and enhance the effectiveness and applicability of the standard. To improve the work of the technical committee tracking and dynamic management, strengthen supervision, and continuously improve the level of its work. At the same time, to strengthen the electrical industry standard setting up and approval of the work of the review and supervision.
Seven is to strengthen the standard review. For the national economic construction, industrial restructuring, product replacement, energy saving urgent need of standards, to timely review and revision, to ensure that the standard of scientific and technological progress in the industry to promote the role of.
The eight is to steadily promote the adoption of standards, improve the substantive participation in international standard activities. Steadily promote the adoption of standards, pay attention to the adoption of the effective, generation and transmission equipment standards strengthen the active adoption, distribution, electrical equipment strengthen adoption of synchronization, electrician foundation material to enhance the adoption rate.
Fang Xiaoyan said: at present is being implemented in the national standard system revision program 648, is expected to the end of this year, the total number of national standard electrical industry will reach 1700, 5 years of age accounted for the proportion will reach 71%." (China industry news)
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